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1.0 Beta - Release Trailer - Anniversary Trailer
1.1 - VanTallica Trailer
Imported Songs (Full Animations)
Ace of Spades
Converted by Nevermind
Converted by Nevermind
Plug In Baby
Converted by Nevermind
In My Place
Converted by Nevermind
Dance The Night Away
Converted by Nevermind
Converted by RankGH159
Bleed It Out
Converted by Nevermind
Mr. Roboto
Converted by Zedek the Plague Doctor
* Animated songs do not come packaged with the mod and must be downloaded separately.
1.0 Logo
1.0 Logo (February)
1.0 Logo (April)
1.0 Logo (October)
1.0 Logo (December)
1.1 Logo
1.1 Logo (October)

1.1: VanTallica
1.2: Band Hero 5
1.3: Notes
Horizontal Variant
Circle Variant
Square Variant

1.0 Splash
1.0 Splash (February)
1.0 Splash (April)
1.0 Splash (October)
1.0 Splash (December)
1.1 Splash
1.1 Splash (October)
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